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Calculating heat flows, isotherms and thermal bridges according to EN ISO 10077-2:2018

Imported CAD files can be analysed automatically and failures in the drawing are removed by the software. Therefore complex constructions and systems can be calculated within a short time. Due to the integrated FEM calculating engine, results are determined very precisely

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  • Highly automated geometry processing of CAD files in .dxf and .dwg format
  • Detailed geometrics and efficient computation of inclinations and radii
  • Automated material assignment based on CAD layers
  • New solver and calculating enginge with automated FEM-mesh generation
  • Calculation according to „Radiosity-Model“ (new cavity model according to EN ISO 10077-2:2018) and equivalent thermal conductivity (EN ISO 10077-2:2012/2018)
  • Simple definition of foils, coatings and surface characteristics by polylines
  • Various mixable gas filling of the cavity according to DIN EN 673
  • Automatically determined Uf-values of windows and facade profiles
  • Automated Psi-values of thermal bridges and insulating glass spacer according to EN ISO 10211 and EN ISO 10077-2
  • Ug-values of insulating glass units according to DIN EN 673
  • U-value computation of any construction
  • Calculation of isotherms, surface temperatures and temperature factor according to DIN 4108-2/-3

GLASGLOBAL® is the software to calculate the structural analysis for glass regarding to German standard DIN 18008 part 1 – 6.

Exact results can be achieved in less time due to our high-performance calculating engine and the Finite-Element-Method. The loads regarding to European standard EN 1991-1 are preset in GLASGLOBAL®. This makes the software easy to handle and allows an intuitive entry of values.

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  • Calculate horizontal, vertical, barrier/fall proof, point fixed and walk-on glazings
  • Local altitudes and wind/snow loads can be determined by the postcod
  • Recommendation and optimization of glass thickness
  • Consideration of the shear modulus in laminated safety glass
  • Symmetric and asymmetric laminated safety glass up to eight panes
  • Proof of the loads on edge compound
  • Determination of chord shortening
  • Compatible with WINSLT® for calculating solar radiation, g- and U-values

WINSLT® is the software for calculating values for solar radiation and temperatures of glazings combined with sun or heat protection. The construction of a glazing can be defined in short time for calculating all values according to:
EN ISO 673 - Ug –value;
EN 410 - g –value, reflection, absorption, transmittance;
EN ISO 52022-3 - gtotal –value;
ISO 15099 / ASHRAE - Ug –value, SHGC-value, reflection, absorption, transmittance

Our software is validated by ift Rosenheim and generates the declaration of performance and the CE certificate of the glazing.

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  • Extensive data base with various products of international glass and sun protection manufacturer
  • Import of own spectral data
  • Boundary conditions according to EN ISO 52022-3 or freely definable
  • Calculation of any pane constructions
  • Display of the temperatures over the cross section
  • Calculation of reflection, transmission and absorption
  • Generate the declaration of performance and a CE certificate for any glazing


WinTHS is the software solution for the simple and user-friendly calculation of the climatic conditions acting on glass panes, taking into account the geographical location and historical weather data.

WinTHS makes it possible to determine in advance the thermal stresses that occur on glass surfaces with regard to extreme weather data and thus drastically minimize the risk of glass breakage.

In the calculation, WinTHS takes into account various factors that influence the thermal loads on glass surfaces. Of course, the glass structure is fundamental: glass quality, edge quality, gaps, gas fillings, type and thickness of the frame or the thermal inertia of the respective construction.

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  • Calculation according to French standard NF DTU 39 P3
  • Determination of low, medium or high thermal inertia of the frame
  • Graphical evaluation with false colors
  • Consideration of any climate data and orientations
  • Calculation of arbitrary disc structures
  • Consideration of printed glasses
  • Different storage
  • Processing the glass edge
  • partial shadowing
  • and much more


Calculation of the static verification of glazing according to ÖNORM B 3716 and the load assumptions according to ÖNORM EN/ B 1991 -1 Part 1 to 4.

The professional statics software AGSB according to ÖNORM B 3716 contains all necessary calculations and load assumptions. AGSB can be used to statically dimension glasses according to ÖNORM B 3716. All loads to be considered such as snow, dead weight, traffic loads or climate-related fluctuations in air pressure and temperature are checked during the calculation. Stress and deflection are compared with the permissible values and displayed on a clearly arranged printout.

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  • Horizontal and vertical glazing
  • Safety glazing against falls from a height, accessible, accessible and passable glazing
  • Determination of the glass thickness and calculation of the static proof according to the valid standards
  • Wind and snow loads and town heights by postcode or town name
  • Automatic glass thickness optimization
  • Determination of tendon shortening
  • Verification of the load on the edge seal
  • New: Latest versions of ÖNORM EN/ B 1991-1 and ÖNORM B 3716
  • New: FEM - Calculation core for point-shaped mounted discs
  • New: New mathematical calculation kernel
  • New: Multi-user capability, several editors can work on the same database
  • New: Server capable, installation on a network or terminal server, Citrix and much more.
  • and much more