Software solution for calculating thermal stresses in glass by solar radiation



WinTHS Ergebnis ENWINTHS is the software solution for the simple and user-friendly calculation of the climatic conditions acting on glass panes, taking geographical location and historical weather data into account. 

WINTHS makes it possible to determine the occurring thermal stresses on glass surfaces in advance with regard to extreme weather data, thus drastically minimizing the risk of glass breakage.

WINTHS takes into account various factors that influence the thermal stress of glass surfaces. Of course, the glass structure is fundamental: glass quality, edge quality, gaps, gas fillings, type and thickness of the frame or the thermal inertia of the respective construction.

These values are set in relation to the existing ambient values. The basis for this can be existing climate data for this region (average and extreme values) as well as freely selectable values.

The results are displayed in the form of graphs. In addition, all relevant calculation results are displayed to the user in a detailed report, including a summary of whether the respective glass structure satisfies the locally prevailing temperature fluctuations.


  • Determination of low, medium or high thermal inertia of the frame
  • Graphical evaluation with false colors
  • Consideration of any climate data and orientations
  • Calculation of arbitrary pane structures
  • Consideration of printed glasses
  • Different storage
  • Processing of the glass edge
  • Partial shadowing
  • And much more…

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