Calculation of the radiation-physical and thermal characteristics according to ISO 15099 with the specifications of ASHRAE.

North American standard ISO 15099 for calculating the thermal performance of windows, doors and sunshades, in some cases, provides two ways to calculate a characteristic value. Therefore, the professional association of all companies in the heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning industry in the USA, also known as ASHRAE, makes the stipulation which way to go. The basis of calculation from the standard with the ASHRAE requirements, which partly also include the NFRC standards, are implemented in the algorithm of the software.

Due to the fact that the innovations are mainly in the algorithm of the software, the intuitive handling of the modules WINSLT® Standard and WINSLT® Expert remains. A glass structure can be created in a very short time and then analyzed. An extensive database with various products from international glass manufacturers is available for this, which can be extended as required by importing your own spectral data.