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WINSLT® is the software solution for calculating light technical, solar and thermal properties of glazing in combination with solar shading.

Any structure can be created in a short time and according to the standards:

ISO 673 -> Ug value
EN 410 -> g -value, reflection, absorption, transmission
ISO 13363-2 ->gtotal - value
ISO 15099 / ASHRAE -> Ug value, SHGC value, reflection, absorption, transmission

can be calculated. The software is certified by ift-Rosenheim also generates a declaration of performance and CE marking of the glazing.

In WINSLT® you can import and use your own spectral data sets for coatings, glasses and sun protection. The climatic boundary conditions are freely selectable.

Furthermore, the structure can consist of any number of glass panes and a lamella module is available as an add-on. After your calculation, the performance data determined for the respective product variants can simply be transferred to the declaration of performance and printed out.

Product presentation WINSLT®


  • Extensive database with various products from international glass and sun protection manufacturers
  • Import of own spectral data
  • Boundary conditions according to ISO 52022-3, ASHRAE or freely definable
  • Calculation of any glass structures
  • Representation of the temperature curve across the cross-section
  • Calculation of reflection, transmission and absorption
  • Preparation of a declaration of performance and CE marking for any glass structures in many language versions

Pictures of the software

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On 1 July 2013, the Construction Products Directive was bindingly replaced by the new Construction Products Regulation. Due to its legal form, the Construction Products Regulation applies equally in all member states. With their introduction, the CE marking has been uniformly regulated throughout the EU. Previously valid national regulations have been dropped. Thus, the CE marking is also binding in all member states.

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