Validation of the WINSLT® software by ift Rosenheim

The calculation program WINSLT® has been validated by the ift Rosenheim on standard-compliant execution of the calculations of light, solar and thermal properties of glazings according to the standards EN 410 and EN 673.

The validation report for WINSLT® prepared by ift Rosenheim can be viewed here.

If you are not already using WINSLT® successfully or are not yet familiar with the functions of the software, you can watch the following video to remember the most important features of WINSLT®

Product presentation WINSLT®

Tested products available in the new acoustic database

The software products “WINSLT®” and “GLASGLOBAL®” of Sommer Informatik GmbH from Rosenheim were extended by a database for tested superstructures and their accustic insulation dimensions.

WINSLT® is the software solution for calculating light, solar and thermal properties of glazing in combination with sun protection.

GLASGLOBAL® is the software for the calculation of the static proof according to DIN 18008 and the load assumptions according to DIN EN 1991-1. Both products have access to the stored accustic database.

Currently there are already more than 150 products in the accustic database, all of which, including the respective test certificate, can be used for calculations.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to select the products already available in the software and to compare them via the automatic product search with the superstructures available in the accustic database.

You can also store specially generated products in the software as user-defined products and compare them with the existing products in the accustic database.

WINSLT® and GLASGLOBAL® will give you a list of the products from the accustic database that match your structure or have similarities.

Accustic Database ProductYou have had your product tested and have the corresponding test report? Manually create the product in the accustic database including the test report!

Due to the large participation of manufacturers of glazings and sun protection equipment, we provide you with the accustic database, a constantly growing product database for your calculations.

Press release WINSLT® ASHRAE

WINSLT® is the software for calculating light, solar and thermal properties of glazing in combination with sun protection. An assembly can be created and analyzed in a short time. Since the characteristic values of the glazings can already be calculated according to the European standards EN ISO 673, EN 410 and EN ISO 13363-2, it is now also possible to carry out the analysis according to the ISO 15099 standard in North America.

New version: summer thermal insulation according to North American standards

ISO 15099, the North American standard for calculating the thermal performance of windows, doors and sun protection devices, in some cases provides two ways of calculating a characteristic value. Therefore, the professional association of all companies in the heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning industry in the USA, also known as ASHRAE, specifies the path to follow. The calculation basis from the standard with the ASHRAE specifications, some of which also include the NFRC standards, is implemented in the software algorithm.

WINSLT® ASHRAE – quick results thanks to intuitive operation

Because the innovations are mainly in the algorithm of the software, the intuitive handling of the WINSLT® Standard and WINSLT® Expert modules is retained. A glass structure can thus be created and subsequently analysed in the shortest possible time. An extensive database with various products from international glass manufacturers is also available for this purpose, which can be extended as required by importing your own spectral data.

Standards-compliant implementation

A visible change is the selection of boundary conditions. The specially defined specifications of ASHRAE are available here. These are also shown on the clear printout, which outputs all characteristic values such as the SHGC value, the equivalent of the European g value.

Investment security for the future

Whether glass manufacturer, planner or expert, with intuitive operation and extensive user support you will receive your analysis of the glass structure in no time at all. From simple insulating glass to complex structures with several coatings and fabrics, our quality-assured software solution offers you all possibilities. You too can rely on our company’s many years of experience in expert software in the field of building physics.

Sommer Informatik – presents software news at the “Fensterbau Frontale” in Nuremberg!

From 21.03. – 24.03.2018 the world’s largest trade fair for window, door and facade construction took place in Nuremberg. Sommer Informatik GmbH presented its latest developments in the field of building physics calculations for windows, facades and glass.

The Rosenheim-based company impressed particularly with the new functions of the WINISO® software solution.

WINISO® was developed in connection with the new version of the ISO 10077-2 standard and is already being used successfully by a large number of national and international companies. In addition to the existing functions such as the calculation of heat flows, thermal bridges, isotherms and Uf values according to EN ISO 1077-2:2018 or the highly automated, detailed CAD preparation, the Sommer Informatik team presented the new functions for steam diffusion calculation and the calculation of Ufr, Ueg– and Ucg values according to ISO 15099 and NFRC.

Even visitors who showed interest in the “GLASGLOBAL®” software for glass design according to DIN 18008 were not disappointed. Mr. Dipl.-Inf. Robert Sommer (Managing Director of Sommer Informatik GmbH) presented the new add-on “shear modulus“.

Sommer Informatik GmbH presented the new version with updated spectral data, new composite layers e.g. Trosifol® and the update of EN 13363-2 to the new standard EN ISO 52022-3 to interested parties of the software “WINSLT®” for the calculation of solar radiation, light transmission and temperatures in glazing.

With this year’s Fensterbau Frontale in Nuremberg, Sommer Informatik GmbH was able to establish important contacts and achieve numerous promising inquiries.

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