The integrated CAD-Editor and FEM-calculating engine make it possible for the user in combination with the validated calculation of the current standard ISO 10077-2:2017 to get the most accurate result as possible.

After more than one year of development, the new WINISO® is now available. For more than 20 years WinIso2D is widely used and established at the software market for building physics.

The combination of introducing new standards and the permanent development in the Window –and facade technology make it necessary to increase the power of the calculation software. In WINISO® integrated FEM-calculating engine make it possible to get precise and validated calculations out of any kind of CAD-file.

User of WinIso2D will not only find the usual functions as known, they will find even more useful functions. With introducing a lot of new features the preparing-and calculation possibilities of the new software will be extended. But these are just two examples out of all new advantages which are now implemented to the new WINISO®.

At the moment the Version will be certified by ift-Rosenheim