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Calculating heat flows, thermal bridges and isotherms according to EN ISO 10077-2:2017. Ufr-, Ueg- and Ucg-values according to ISO 15099 and NFRC

Imported CAD files can be analysed automatically and failures in the drawing are removed by the sofware. Therefore complex constructions and systems can be calculated within a short time. Due to the integrated FEM calculating engine, results are determined very precisely.

Product presentation


  • Fast and easy processing
  • Automatic filling of cavities
  • Automatic CAD correction
  • Certified by ift Rosenheim
  • All international standards (ISO 10077-2, ISO 15099 / NRFC, ISO 6946, EN 673)
  • Complete processing within 10 minutes
  • Acknowledged results
  • Automated calculation
  • Quality assured
  • Customizable
  • Capable of working in Imperial and Metric units
  • US-based training available through UL
  • Sample calculation free of charge
  • Intuitive operation