The powerfull FEM-calculating engine is able to give precise calculation of complex components. The networking of finite Elements is made completely fully automatically with the possibility of manual settings and optimizations. Radi and angels are not turned into horizontal and vertical lines as usually done. Instead of doing this with the FEM-mesh the details could be very exactly reproduced to the drawing. Short time of calculation and a high level of exactness are the result of this innovative calculating engine.

High level of automation

The calculation of the FEM-mesh is not the only thing which is done completely automatically by WINISO®. Including a large number of algorithm and functional processes the software is one of the most effective tools to calculate thermal and construction values. While calculating the editor is always able to choose between different accurate settings.

Also an automatically CAD preparation is included in the new WINISO®. Errors which are attached to the drawing will be automatically detected and solved by using different functions. Caused by combination of automatically preparation and using different functions a manually preparation of the CAD drawing is not necessary.

Furthermore it is also possible to choose manual editing options for an individual adjustment. The intuitive interface of the program help the user to save a lot of time by using these options.

Another important new Option is the automatic detection of material. If the name of the layer structure which is used in the CAD drawing is the same as used in the extensive material data base of WINISO® the areas could be filled automatically with right material. It is also easy to bring some special materials to the data base just by giving some less parameters to the program.