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Calculating heat flows, thermal bridges, isotherms and Uf-values according to EN ISO 10077-2:2017.

Imported CAD files can be analysed automatically and failures in the drawing are removed by the sofware. Therefore complex constructions and systems can be calculated within a short time. Due to the integrated FEM calculating engine, results are determined very precisely.

Product presentation


  • Highly automated geometry processing of CAD files in .dxf and .dwg format
  • Detailed geometrics and efficient computation of inclinations and radii
  • Automated material assignment based on CAD layers
  • New solver and calculating enginge with automated FEM-mesh generation
  • Calculation according to „Radiosity-Model“ (new cavity model according to
    EN ISO 10077-2:2017) and equivalent thermal conductivity (EN ISO 10077-2:2012/2017)
  • Simple definition of foils, coatings and surface characteristics by polylines
  • Various mixable gas filling of the cavity according to EN 673
  • Automatically determined Uf-values of windows and facade profiles
  • Automated Psi-values of thermal bridges and insulating glass spacer according to EN ISO 10211 and EN ISO 10077-2
  • Ug-values of insulating glass units according to EN 673
  • U-value computation of any construction
  • Calculation of isotherms, surface temperatures and temperature factor

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The Humidity addon is explained in the document below.



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 Ensinger GmbH was founded in 1996 and processes engineering plastics into semi-finished products, finished parts, profiles and compounds. The international company is headquartered in Nufringen, Germany.

 "Due to the structured and professional structure of the software, it was possible for us to carry out demanding calculations with WinIso® without much effort.

Contact: Sven Rhode -

Founded in 1935, the Hörmann Group is Europe's leading supplier of doors and gates, which are developed and produced in 27 specialised plants in Europe, North America and Asia.

"We are excited about the WinIso® software. Among other things, the high accuracy and speed of the calculation is outstanding."

Contact: Stephan Ongsiek -

Interpane Glas Industrie AG is a German flat glass manufacturer based in Lauenförde. The company manufactures glazing products at ten locations in Germany, Austria and France.

 "Interpane Glasgesellschaft mbH has been an enthusiastic customer of Sommer Informatik GmbH for many years. The calculation with WinIso® also worked quickly and effectively for us after a short training period, which is why we can only recommend this tool".

Contact: Steffen Schäfer -

The engineering office has been operating since 1998 and offers services in the field of building physics and window technology.

"WinIso® is a powerful and valuable tool that effectively implements the requirements of the revised ISO 10077-2 and professionally supports the user in carrying out the calculations".

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Roland Steinert –

The Ift Rosenheim e. V. with its affiliated ift Rosenheim GmbH is a scientific service provider for manufacturers of windows and facades. It was founded in 1966 and employs about 200 people.

"WinIso® is a recommended tool for window manufacturers and manufacturers of frame profiles. Among other things, we were impressed by the speed of the calculations for large arithmetic cases."

Contact: Mr. Demel -