Glass statics software GLASGLOBAL© validated by university

GLASGLOBAL©, the expert software of Rosenheimer Sommer Informatik for the calculation of the static proof of glazing according to DIN 18008 part 1-6, has now been validated by a Munich university. The suitability test carried out as part of a software quality assurance was successfully passed without any problems.

With this certification, Sommer Informatik GmbH, an expert in building physics software, has created a unique selling point for its GLASGLOBAL© solution that should give it a clear competitive advantage over comparable solutions. “The certification of GLASGLOBAL© was carried out according to extremely strict rules, whereby the software was tested both with regard to normative specifications and special requirements,” emphasizes Dipl.-Inf. Robert Sommer, managing director and company founder of Sommer Informatik GmbH.

Users can thus be absolutely sure that the GLASGLOBAL© solution works precisely with regard to its intended use and that it fully conforms to the specifications to be fulfilled.

The fast FEM calculator core of GLASGLOBAL© enables the exact calculation of a wide variety of glazing. The load assumptions according to DIN EN 1991-1 are stored in the program – this enables intuitive and simple operation of the software.

The professional statics software
has all necessary calculation methods and load assumptions. With GLASGLOBAL© glass can be statically dimensioned according to DIN 18008, whereby all loads to be considered such as snow, wind, dead weight, traffic loads or climate-related fluctuations in air pressure and temperature are checked in the calculation. Stress and deflection are also compared with the permissible values and displayed in a clear printout.

In addition to the basic software module, extensions, e.g. for point-fixed glass, for membrane tension and for the shear bond of laminated safety glass, ensure comprehensive coverage of the professional range of applications in the field of glass construction statics.

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Software for glass dimensioning according to DIN 18008 Part 1 to 6
CDCover With our expert software GLASGLOBAL® you can easily and user-friendly calculate the static verification of glazing according to DIN 18008 part 1 to 6.

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We can guarantee the high quality standard of our GLASGLOBAL® software by working in partnership with research and industry, including the Bundesverband Flachglas e.V. as well as market-leading companies.
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Product presentation GLASGLOBAL®

You too can benefit from the many years of experience of Sommer Informatik GmbH and stay up to date with the latest technology.

Information about the modules of GLASGLOBAL® can be found below, just click on the link:

GLASGLOBAL® basic module according to
DIN 18008 part 1 + 2
GLASGLOBAL® canopies
GLASGLOBAL® wind - and. snow loads GLASGLOBAL® wind - and snow loads Switzerland
GLASGLOBAL® point - mounted glazing according to
DIN 18008 part 3
GLASGLOBAL® membran tension
GLASGLOBAL® crash proof glazing according to
DIN 18008 part 4
GLASGLOBAL® size matrix
GLASGLOBAL® walk-on glazing according to
DIN 18008 part 5
GLASGLOBAL® acoustic database
GLASGLOBAL® accessible and fall-trough-proof glazing according to DIN 18008 part 6 GLASGLOBAL® product-specific shear module

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Basic module according to DIN 18008 – 1 + 2

The regulations on glass dimensioning in Germany have steadily developed and changed in recent years. What is still valid is that a static proof for glass constructions is necessary. The previously valid regulations TRLV, TRAV and TRPV have been superseded by the DIN 18008 Glass in Construction – Design and Construction Rules.

Line-shaped glazed units, which were defined in the TRLV until December 2010, have been found since then in DIN 18008 part 2. For example, the calculation is no longer based on a global safety factor but on partial safety factors. These take into account the uncertainties in the system, the loads and the materials.

The structure of your glazing can be created with just a few clicks. Project data such as storage or geometry can be easily selected from a list without the hassle of having to determine coordinates for the design or assign a storage location to each side. An auxiliary sketch immediately shows the structure of the disk and thus supports the editor in entering the correct project data.