Tested products available in the new accustic database

The software products “WINSLT®” and “GLASGLOBAL®” of Sommer Informatik GmbH from Rosenheim were extended by a database for tested superstructures and their accustic insulation dimensions.

WINSLT® is the software solution for calculating light, solar and thermal properties of glazing in combination with sun protection.

GLASGLOBAL® is the software for the calculation of the static proof according to DIN 18008 and the load assumptions according to DIN EN 1991-1. Both products have access to the stored accustic database.

Currently there are already more than 150 products in the accustic database, all of which, including the respective test certificate, can be used for calculations.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to select the products already available in the software and to compare them via the automatic product search with the superstructures available in the accustic database.

You can also store specially generated products in the software as user-defined products and compare them with the existing products in the accustic database.

WINSLT® and GLASGLOBAL® will give you a list of the products from the accustic database that match your structure or have similarities.

Accustic Database ProductYou have had your product tested and have the corresponding test report? Manually create the product in the accustic database including the test report!

Due to the large participation of manufacturers of glazings and sun protection equipment, we provide you with the accustic database, a constantly growing product database for your calculations.